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General Trade Retail(POS) Accounting

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  General Trade Retail Accounting

This package is designed to meet all the most common business accounting, billing and stock keeping requirements of a retail counter. This package can be used to record all your sale, sale return, purchase, purchase return, stock transfer, proforma invoicing, purchase orders, cashier record and party points etc. besides normal accounting transactions like payments, receipts, adjustments etc. All the transactions like sale bill and others can be printed in the form of a document to issue it to a party or for internal filing. With the help of all above entries, the package generates all the commonly required reports related to sales, purchase, stock and all customary account books right up to the balance sheet.


Retail Support Features:

Bar Coding: This package supports you to handle a busy retail counter, where very fast billing is required, with the help of a Bar Code generation facility. With this facility, you may print bar code stickers in different sizes for any of your desired items, so that a bar code scanner can scan them at the time of billing. You may use a specialized (though costly) bar code printer, or a normal laser printer to print stickers. You can also use the pre-printed bar codes (generally 13 digit EAN codes) on majority of the products from standard companies.

Fast Billing: The billing process can be adjusted to automatically accept all the common data by default, and automatically feed the item rate, quantity, tax and discount etc. as soon as one item is scanned, and then it move to the next item and/or bill. Multiple payment options are available, like Cash, Card, Cheque, Coupon or Credit bill. You can also hold or recall bills to handle multiple customers in the queue.

POS Machines: If you are using a POS (Point of Sale) Machine provided by any leading POS manufacturer around the world (like Bradma, Posiflex etc.), this package fully supports and controls all the integrated peripherals of that machine, like Customer Pole Display, Cash Drawer, High Speed Thermal Printer, Card Swiping Keyboards etc. It also has a connectivity option to Export/Import data to and from an ECR (Electronic Cash Register) provided by Bradma or TVSE etc.

Weighing Scale: This software can be integrated with weighing scales in three possible ways. First is the direct connectivity, where it reads the currently shown weight on the scale as the quantity of the item. Second is a bar code sticker printed by the weighing scale, which contains the code and weight of the item. Third is a small token (having its own bar code) printed by the weighing scale, which is connected to the computer via LAN.

Schemes: You can defines various schemes on the products, like discounts, same or different product free on the sale of a product, and their effective period, so that these products are billed accordingly.

Multiple MRPs: This software handles and keeps track of the stock of multiple MRPs. At the time of billing, multiple MRPs of the products are shown and confirmed so as to which one has been picked up by the customer. As soon as there remains the balance stock of only one MRP, it stops doing so.

Cashier Record: This software keeps track of the cash handled by different cashiers. You can enter how much cash (as change) is given to them, how much they have returned, and check the balance on the basis of the cash collected by them as per their sales.

Party Points: This software can be set to adopt the popular system of giving loyalty points to your customers. You can generate the points on sale (usually one point on a sale of an amount of hundred) and then allow customers to redeem them on subsequent purchases. You may also offer gifts on the collection of certain number of points.

SMS Facility: In case you are having an account with any Internet Bulk SMS Service provider, you can send messages to your existing customers and/or any desired phone number. The message could be a common one (generally send on occasions like festivals, or New Year, or the launch of a product or scheme etc.), or it could be an individual message send to a customer at the time of billing or payment etc. These messages may contain dynamic data, like your company name, customer name, date, bill no., amount, balance of account, balance of points etc.

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NOTE: As the design and functionality of a software is subject to constant change and improvement, the package supplied may differ in some respects from the details given here. Please contact us for current details and a demonstration.

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