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Restaurant Accounting

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  Restaurant Accounting

This package is designed to meet all the accounting, billing and stock keeping, and tax reporting requirements of a restaurant / fast food joint / sweet shop / bakery / home delivery corner etc.

This package can be used to record all sale, purchase, purchase return, kitchen order ticket, stock transfer, including raw material and finished items etc., besides normal accounting transactions like payments, receipts, adjustments etc. All the transactions like sale bill and others can be printed in the form of a document to issue it to a party or for internal filing. With the help of all above entries, the package generates all the commonly required reports related to sales, purchase, stock, GST, Cash/Card summary, and all other customary account books right up to the balance sheet.

Table System: In case you are running a restaurant with a table and seating arrangement, you can define all the table numbers and serving waiter in the software. Kitchen order tickets (KOTs) can be entered and printed for each and every table as many times as required. The software will then present you an order view screen, containing a matrix of all the tables along with their current status. Tables are shown using different colour combinations so as to indicate which table is running, which one is vacant and which one is reserved. The details of the orders taken for any table (i.e. items and KOTs) are also shown side by side for a quick reference.

Fast Food Joint: For any eating joint delivering food after the pre-payment of the bills, you can define delivery counters for all varieties of foods and dishes. The software will print, apart from a sale bill, delivery tokens, which are used by the customer to collect his/her order from the respective counters. A digital display board, showing the ready order number may also be used.

Home Delivery: If your restaurant is making home delivery of foods, you can maintain a customer database containing names, addresses and phone numbers of all your regular customers. The KOT feeding screen has a facility to automatically search the customer's record on the basis of the incoming phone call number. The unified order view screen will also show the pending home delivery and/or take away orders.

NOTE: As the design and functionality of a software is subject to constant change and improvement, the package supplied may differ in some respects from the details given here. Please contact us for current details and a demonstration.

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