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Sarraf (Gold,Silver,Diamond) Accounting

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  Sarraf (Gold,Silver,Diamond) Accounting

Sarraf (Gold,Silver,Diamond) Accounting package is designed to meet all the common accounting, billing and stock keeping needs of a Jeweller, dealing in the items made of Gold, Silver or Diamonds. This package can be used to record all your gold sale, silver sale, diamond sale, gold purchase, silver purchase, diamond purchase, sale/purchase returns, approval sale, making charges, transactions of sunar (worker), purification etc. besides normal accounting transactions like payments, receipts, adjustments etc. All the transactions like sale bill and others can be printed in the form of a document to issue it to a party or for internal filing. With the help of all above entries, the package generates all the commonly required reports related to sales, purchase, stock and all customary account books right up to the balance sheet. There is a facility to feed all the jewelry items with their codes, weights, rates, type and photographs etc. The photographs can be given with the help of already scanned images stored on your computer, or with the help of a still camera (web camera) or a video camera. You can capture any particular frame of your choice and save it as a photograph. Once a coded item is sold, it can be replaced by another one. You can get the stock position as per coded/tagged items, as per total metal (i.e. gold or silver) and as per their varieties (i.e. carets, utensils or ornaments). The current rates and taxation on gold and silver on different dates can be specified and billed accordingly. For a retail counter, you can generate bills as per the mode of payment, like full cash payment, part cash payment, full credit, discounts, and also including options to adjust any advance amount and/or gold/silver deposited by the customer.

NOTE: As the design and functionality of a software is subject to constant change and improvement, the package supplied may differ in some respects from the details given here. Please contact us for current details and a demonstration.

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