M/s On-Line Consultants is a proprietorship firm, formed in 1992, with the principal objective of the computer software development and application development, and offering customized software solutions for small to medium sized business organizations.

The firm is promoted by Mr. Rupesh Chandra, a Graduate with a diploma in Software Engineering, now considered to be a renowned and respected personality amongst the community of computer professionals in the city of Lucknow and around.


The firm is strategically located at the address of C-1186, Indira Nagar, Lucknow (as mentioned in contact us), in a building comprising of about 2400 Sq. Ft. of total area, providing a neat and clean and very peaceful atmosphere to all its workers so that they can fully concentrate on their assignments, giving nothing but the best possible output.

There are around 10 computer systems with the latest hardware configuration all connected to each other in a networking environment. Different varieties of Operating Systems and processors etc. are used on systems in order to test all developed software for various possible installation conditions.

A high-speed broadband connection (unlimited access) is also available to perform Internet related jobs, like emailing, uploading & downloading of data, and interconnectivity with the systems of our clients for providing quick after sales service.

Enough knowledge enhancing material, like books and magazines from the leading publishers, multimedia CDs, and other downloadable material from the Internet is available for all the workers to update their knowledge and skills time to time.

Present Status

The firm has been engaged in software development since 1992 and has developed proprietary applications including financial accounting, stock and inventory management, payrolls, ordering and billing and other customized applications for various business segments. The solutions provided by the firm have covered a very wide range of businesses including Departmental Stores, Retail Counters, Hospitals, Manufacturering Units, Petrol Pumps, Restaurants, Jewellers, Cold Storages, Flour Mills, Rice and Dal Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Traders, Schools and Colleges, Hotels, Couriers, Distributors, Publishers, Automotive Agencies, Cloth Merchants, Kirana Merchants and Commission Agents, Fruit Merchants, Chikan Traders, Saree Traders, Auto Showrooms and Workshops etc.

Recently, the firm has diversified itself and entered into the Internet application segment, a segment with a vast growth potential, and has undertaken development of web sites and Internet applications for various organizations.

Technical Know-How

When the firm started its activities in 1992, the Personal Computer running on MS-DOS platform was a ubiquitous sight. Hence all the initial development was in the languages like Dbase, FoxBASE, FoxPro, Clipper etc. which were most popular and considered being the most advanced at that time. Some of the applications softwares then developed are still in use by some of our clients.

Today most of the development is being done by some of the best programming and related tools available worldwide. To name a few they are MS-Visual Basic, Visual C, ASP, HTML, XML, MS-Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Seagate Crystal Reports, Adobe PhotoShop, DreamWeawer, Ulead Graphic Studio , Node.js , Angular.js , Electron ,Ionic and Dot Net etc.

Client Base and Geographical Base

The firm has developed an exhaustive client base extending to over 400 clients in the business segments enumerated above and a market presence in several cities including Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Nautanwa, Kasganj, Moradabad, Barabanki, Bahraich, Gonda, Agra and New Delhi etc.

Future Plans and Prospects

The firm is in the process of appointing local agents and resellers to make its presence felt in many non-represented areas. Moreover, the possibility of marketing through the Internet is also being explored in order to beat the geographical boundaries.

In the last, but not the least, it can be summarized that the firm has carved a strong niche for itself in the market, and is looking for a very bright future and exponential growth.

Meet Our Team

Need help? Call our support team on office hours at 0522-4001496 or 0522-2340044