Terms and Conditions

For Desktop Software

  1. The software is installed in the form of compiled, computer executable, machine language code files. Under no situation, any claim will be entertained regarding the source code, libraries, components or modules etc. used to develop the software.
  2. No changes should be made in the supplied files and/or material by any process of the reverse engineering or otherwise, except as guided by us.
  3. The software is a truly Windows based software, seamlessly integrating with all the native functionality of Windows operating system, and will sport a very common, easy to use Windows like interface.
  4. The software supports all variety of printers, which can be installed on to Windows, and all device drivers, which simulate as a printer.
  5. Training is imparted upon a maximum of two requested users and/or operators and/or team supervisors.
  6. The software is supplied as a single-use edition along with Microsoft Jet database or as a multi-user edition along with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2008 database, as per your order.
  7. The installation will be licensed through a soft licensing technique, in which we will provide you a License Granted file for the requested installation.
  8. The support cycle for the software is as up to 3 years as a mandatory support, next 2 years as an extended yet optional support and no support thereafter.
  9. You are the whole and sole judge, and the final approver about the suitability of this software for the purpose you are purchasing it.
  10. No guarantee can be extended upon the compatibility of the software with the future Operating Systems and/or other Software/Hardware Technologies.
  11. All the software modules are tested and debugged as far as possible at our end. However no claim for any compensation will be entertained for any kind of damages or losses occurred at your end due to any kind of malfunctioning and/or mishandling and/or misunderstanding of the software for any reason whatsoever.
  12. No guarantee can be extended regarding the corruption and/or loss of data due to problems like computer failure, power failure, operating system failure, network failure, mishandling, mishap or natural calamity or any other reason whatsoever. We can only extend our support to make a full or a partial recovery of data, which may or may not be chargeable.
  13. All the reports generated by this software, whether as a hard copy or a soft copy, are designed as per the current prevailing practices. No guarantee can be extended whether they will always meet up the requirements of any auditors or law enforcement authorities. If some requirements are changed over a period of time, we will try to incorporate them in the subsequent release of this software. However, any condition or a timeframe shall not bind us in this regard.
  14. As the software contains some modules of accounting, it is expected that the user of this software must be having sufficient knowledge of the financial accounting of a business organization. We are only a software provider, and can not act as an accountant of your company.
  15. The Annual Support Charges will be applicable at the rate of 10% per annum of the current pricing of the software plus charges for any additions and/or customisations.
  16. The above support charges are proposed as per our current policy, which may be revised later on.
  17. The above charges are applicable after one year of an installation and are accountable at the turn of each financial year. If an installation is made in the mid of a financial year, a rebate on the lapsed quarters will be applied in the charges of first subsequent financial year.
  18. The above charges do not necessarily cover any further development charges in the software. Any minor, routine upgrades or revisions may be provided free of cost. However, any major upgrade required due to changes in your business patterns and/or any changes in the law of the land will attract extra charges as deemed suitable at that time.
  19. All the charges mentioned above are payable fully, not withstanding any failure and/or delay in the implementation of the software at your end due to any reason whatsoever.
  20. All payments must be made preferably by Cheque, or Demand Draft or Pay Order or Online Transfer in favour of “On-Line Consultants, Lucknow”.
  21. Any payment made through a cheque must be ensured for its realisation.
  22. Any cash payment, if ever made, must be vouched by a proper receipt, duly signed and issued by our authorized person. Otherwise, we may or may not acknowledge the payment.
  23. The software is non-returnable, non-re-salable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  24. All disputes are subject to Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India) Jurisdiction.
  25. Our Banker: ICICI Bank, Shalimar Tower, Hazratganj, Lucknow. Account Name: On-Line Consultants, Account Number: 628105015917, RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code: ICIC0006281

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