FA Caller App

This App is designed to run on mobile devices running on Android operating system, like Mobile Phones or Tablet PCs. You can download it from our downloads section, or search it on Google Play Store by the name of FA Caller.

You must use this App in conjunction to FA Software, to recognise incoming phone calls on your mobile device, with the help of the Party Names and Phone Numbers entered in FA Software.

To use this App, your working computer must be connected to your mobile device through a wireless network. You can use a Wi-Fi router for the purpose, or use the Wi-Fi HotSpot option of your working computer or mobile device (i.e. if it is available in that computer or device).

After running this App, go to the Settings option. On this screen, it will ask for an IP Address, User Name, Password and a Path, which should be provided as follows -

In IP Address, provide the IP Address of your working computer, for example :

In User Name, provide the Windows Login Id of your working computer, for example : administrator

In Password, provide the password of the Windows Login Id of your working computer, for example : 12345

In Path, provide the full path of the particular folder where FA software is installed, for example : d/financial accounting systemPlease note that the first letter in the above path indicates the drive letter (without the colon sign), and the forward slash is used as the separator.

After making all the above settings, click Turn Call Monitoring ON button in the AppYou may also click Work in Background button to send the App in background.

Now, whenever there will be an incoming call on your mobile device, FA software will show the number of the caller, and also the name if the calling number matches with an entry in Account Heads.

If you need more technical help, please contact us in this regard.

Need help? Call our support team on office hours at 0522-4001496 or 0522-2340044